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Men’s Mission Mural

Artist: Kayla Whitney

Favorite Paint Colors to Use: Kayla loves them all – but she was blown away by the combination of paint colors: Beanstalk, Clean N Crisp, and Tarreyton by Dulux. 


Starting the Project: Mural artist, Kayla Whitney wanted to work on Men’s Mission Services because of the massive changes happening on James St. N. It is evident that Kayla has a paticular passion for impacting people using the arts! As a result, she brightened up the space with fresh color! It was important for her to make the men living there feel part of the change as well. After approaching the folks at MMS, she drafted up three separate designs and they voted on the ‘wild flower forest’ mural.

Colors and Styling: Before painting Kayla selected three light, midtones and darks to create a foreground, midground and background. The Nix Mini was used to find the color of brick walls to choose complementary paint colors to Dulux. With the help of Nix she was able to choose 15 paint colors (sponsored by Dulux) by browsing through our paint libraries and saving each paint to a project folder. In this specific project she was forced to consider the color of each brick building and find paints that were suitable to each wall and design. The Nix Mini was able to help her along this mural process by providing color assistance!

She believes that the Men’s Mission community chose the nature centered design because of the lack of greenery, and institutional feel of the area. This mural is special because it acts as their visual escape and inspires them!

Hamilton Proud: Kayla has encountered Hamilton’s supportive and pacipatory attitude on many occasions! She has been overwhelmed by the city’s sense of community, from their willingness to endorse the Men’s Mission mural to the support of roughly 100 people during her mural walk. For this reason she is a firm believer that ‘You can do anything in Hamilton!’


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