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Nix Print Pro Introduces Affordable Printing Press Software for Enhanced Color Management

Hamilton ON, Oct 11, 2023 – Nix Sensor Ltd., a leading name in portable spectrophotometers, is proud to announce the launch of their latest innovation, Nix Print Pro – Printing Press Software. This software has been meticulously designed to revolutionize the commercial printing industry by addressing a crucial need – professional-grade affordable color management and quality control at the press.

Empowering Print & Graphic Arts Professionals

Nix Print Pro is a quality control software that provides actionable guidance for managing and improving color at the press. Tailored for businesses in the Print and Graphic Arts industries, it caters to production managers, ink mixers, press operators, and more. This software empowers professionals to take control of color accuracy and consistency.

Competition in Color Management

Recognizing the role played by current incumbents like X-Rite (formerly Danaher, now Veralto). Nix is now positioned to address a clearly identified and unserved market need for cost-effective, easy to use, feature-rich quality control solutions. Nix makes color quality control accessible, effective, and unobtrusive both to your production and your wallet; Nix Print Pro can be rapidly deployed to every one of your presses and color workstations without breaking the bank or upending your workflow.

What Sets Nix Print Pro Apart?

Nix Print Pro is easy to install with a quick learning curve (learn in minutes). Offering features typically only found in higher-priced solutions, which include:

  • Comprehensive quality control for both process and spot colors.
  • Built-in tools for creating and managing brand-specific color libraries.
  • Real-time corrective feedback to optimize delta E results through density adjustments.

Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Efficiency

The software’s primary benefit is its ability to significantly reduce waste of time, paper, and ink, leading to cost savings and enhanced efficiency. By identifying and rectifying color issues before they escalate, Nix Print Pro prevents the costly disposal of printed materials that fall outside color specifications and helps keep the press schedules on track.

User-Friendly Interface and Connectivity with Nix Devices

Nix Print Pro offers an intuitive user experience with instant color analysis, allowing the user to visually understand actionable data points. It seamlessly connects with Nix spectrophotometer devices wirelessly or with USB, for a quick and easy set up.

Customer Support and Resources

For technical support and resources, Nix Print Pro users can access tutorials at Or contact our support team during regular business hours.

The software itself can be purchased at

About Nix

Nix’s journey began with a simple question: why rely on manual color matching when modern technology could provide a better solution? Founded on the principles of accuracy and simplicity, Nix has continuously strived to provide professionals across various industries with award winning color measurement tools.


Nix Print Pro – Printing Press Software is now officially available as of Oct 11, 2023

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