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Paint + interior design

With all your favorite paint brands available, the Nix Mini 3 is sure to find the perfect color for your next paint project. It is a must-have tool for any paint contractor, interior designer, or DIY enthusiast.

Nix Mini 3 Color Sensor

Finds the perfect paint match

$129 CAD

  • Instantly match to 200,000+ brand name paints
  • Compatible with all your favorite brands (Can’t find your brand? Request we add it here)
  • Scan immediately with no calibration required
  • Pairs with our free Nix Toolkit app

Splash Resistant

Wireless connectivity

Made in Canada

1 Year Warranty

Scan it

From accent pillows to flower vases, our Nix Mini 3 will scan your inspiration to help you find the color you love.

Match it

After scanning your surface, you’ll be able to find the exact paint match you need in the Nix Toolkit app.

Paint it

Bring your idea to life! If you can envision it, the Nix Mini 3 will help you get there.

A powerful tool for anyone

Interior designers

Show potential clients you mean business by not taking paint selection lightly, afterall paint is the highest return on investment renovation a homeowner or business can make.

Paint contractors

Edge out your competitors and secure business by demonstrating professionalism and reliable color selection with a show-stopping color scan.


Quickly plan and save color schemes in the app for inspiration and color communication.

New homeowners

Before you fill the rooms with furniture, get creative and dream up a calculated color theme for your new home.

DIY painters

Always be ready when inspiration strikes to capture the perfect color or shade for the back office or new baby room.

Pairs with the Nix Toolkit app

We’ve partnered directly with the paint brands you know and love to build the industry’s largest and most accurate paint database. Just scan your color sample, and you’ll find the the perfect paint color match for your project. With the Nix Mini 3, you’ll have all brand fandecks in your pocket!
Check out the full list of available paint brands here.

If you don’t see the fandeck you’re looking for, you can fill out a request form for adding it here. Our dedicated team is constantly working on updating and expanding our libraries to provide you with the paint matches you need.

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Hardware you can count on


More accurate than the human eye and 100x faster, Nix color sensors block out all ambient light, ensuring you get the perfect match in all lighting conditions.


We’ve been careful in our design so you don’t have to be. Take our state-of-the art technology into any and all environments, and use it to match and identify color.


Lightweight and wireless, our devices can fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. Plus, with no finicky white tiles for calibration, you don’t have to worry about things getting a little messy.


Proudly Canadian-made, we’re the winner of the Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award with an expert team that’s here whenever you need us.

More than just a paint tool

See how the Nix Mini 3 can do more than match to the nearest paint color. With the Nix Toolkit app you can scan for digital color values, easily share your color details with clients or friends, and organize your colors into saved folders.

More from Nix

Looking for a more robust instrument capable of scanning for spectral data? Check out our line of spectrophotometers.

Nix Spectro L

$649 CAD

Nix Spectro 2

$1,599 CAD

Do you work in a paint store or with paint formulation on an industrial level?

Don’t worry about learning a new process, we have partnered with industry-leading software development companies so you can continue using your existing software while easily incorporating the Nix Spectro 2 into your workflow.