Nix Recertification

If you have questions or would like to order recertification for your Nix Quality Control Color Sensor, please contact us.

As a quality control specialist, having a high level of confidence in your measurement equipment is a must. To ensure you are getting the accuracy and consistency you expect from your Nix Quality Control Color Sensor and Nix Spectro, your device should be recertified once per year or if the unit fails the scan of the included reference tile.

Due to the sensitivity of the Nix QC and the Nix Spectro, and the specialized equipment that is required, the devices must be sent to Nix Sensor Ltd.’s facility in Canada for recertification. Both the device and reference tile are required for recertification.

Nix Sensor Ltd. offers a full-service recertification and inspection that includes:


Recalibration using Nix Sensor Ltd.’s proprietary 24 color array (comprehensive, extended gamut)


Full inspection of the device and reference tile


Cleaning of lenses and LED light pipes