6 Strategies for Sustainable Commercial Printing

printer sustainability

Date: March, 2024 | Author: Stuart Kawai Sustainability in Commercial Printing 6 tips for your printing facility In an era marked by growing environmental consciousness, businesses across industries are increasingly embracing sustainable practices to minimize their …

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Transforming your pressroom with digital precision

Transforming your pressroom with digital precision Redefine Your Workflow In the ever-evolving landscape of the printing industry, embracing technological advancements can drastically increase productivity, reduce waste, and guarantee meeting customer’s expectations. The shift to digital …

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Feature of the Week – Vol. 2 – InkSight

Feature of the Week – Vol. 2 – InkSight Elevating Print Quality and Efficiency with this new feature from Nix Print Pro The printing industry is continuously seeking solutions that not only enhance quality but …

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A Colourful Revolution by Dr. Abhay Sharma

abhay sharma article

A Colourful Revolution Dr. Abhay Sharma A new generation of phone- based spectros are disrupting measurement processes Started by a group of McMaster graduates, Nix Sensor in Hamilton is a 25-employee organization that designs, fabricates, …

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