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Emerald Coffee

Owner: Philip Green

Must Have: Nutty Hazelnut latte

About Emerald Coffee: Philip opened up shop just about 8 month after recognizing the need for a community hub in the area. Emerald coffee is a welcoming space, where acceptance and quality coffee are kept top priorities. The owner wanted to create an environment that guests from all walks of life would feel welcomed. Though coffee is important in his business, creating a space that people could go to while studying, catching up with friends, or simply getting a morning coffee, is just as important to him.

Brand Aesthetic and Colors: The street name and store’s location, Emerald Street gave the business it’s name. From there, the owner selected emerald green, white, and black, using clean and geometric designs to decorate the space. He wanted to create an environment that is both comfortable and luxurious.

Hamilton Proud: Although Philip is originally from Montreal, he feels connected to the Hamilton community. He has developed connections with his customers and feels that their love and support has given him purpose. To him, Hamilton is a real, honest, collaborative, and fun city to be in.


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