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Pretty Grit

Owner: Amanda Cordero

Must Have: Amanda’s festive and transitional velvet golden pillow

About Pretty Grit: Pretty Grit is an urban houseware and gift store. They are design focused, modern and represent the urban community. She opened up shop because she felt that there was nothing representing urban home decor in the downtown area, other than rustic/country styles that are more prevalent today. Amanda opened up Pretty Grit 3.5 years ago in the summer of 2015 and spent 6 months between deciding to run a business to then opening the doors. The styling of each piece and accessory are top priority when Amanda chooses products for her store. Most of the products she chooses can transform form a space in “quick ways and make dramatic transitions”.

Brand Aesthetic and Colors: The color scheme of the store started off with the traditional black, white and gold combination, however, slowly transitioned into a more colorful and playful palette. Amanda began to add more mint and green tones to the space and eventually added painted color blocks of salmon, terra cotta and blue on the back wall. She believes paint is a playful way to transform a space.

Hamilton Proud: Owner, Amanda grew up in Hamilton and knows all about the history of our city. She loves that people in Hamilton are real and authentic, and that she is always able to learn something new from the locals! She finds that her customers come by because they love to be in the space she seasonally reinvents, and that people are largely affected by their surroundings. It is important for her to give people the opportunity to have a space where they feel good, relaxed and safe. Moreover, Amanda adores that people in Hamilton are receptive to anything and continue to want to see change!


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