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Steeltown Garage Co.

Owner: Jeff Campagna and Tania LaCaria

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About Steeltown Garage Co.: Steeltown is an in-house coffee bar, retail store, and hub for an emerging trend and culture on new motorcycle lifestyle. Beyond that, Jeff and Tania’s business is about meeting new people, having fun, and fully experiencing this new international culture. Their company is a reflection of their motto, ‘Free spirits never die”.

Brand Aesthetic and Colors: Tania’s background of interior design helped guide her to create a space that perfectly portrays the grungy, vintage, and retro environment they aim to represent. As a result, every decoration, appliance, and detail in Steeltown Garage Co. is carefully selected to fit their brand aesthetic and color scheme. Including, vibrant yellows, teals, reds, and natural colors/materials. On display they have a Honda motorcycle painted Sulphur Yellow from the 70s, as well as, a rich teal coffee machine to add a pop of color to the coffee bar. Selecting the perfect color combinations is part of achieving their brand styling!

Hamilton Proud: Steeltown is solely inspired by Hamilton’s overall grit and perseverance. The company’s name comes from Hamilton’s reputation of being the Steel City. Both Jeff and Tania decided to locate their store in Hamilton because the city embodies everything they fell in love with while travelling!

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