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Take a look at the colors of our hometown: Ontario, Canada

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Owner: Connie Bulajic & Nikola Bulajic

Must Have: The one of a kind bedazzled vintage apple purse

About VintageSoulGeek: This vintage, and soulful shop has been home to fashion of the 1930s-1990s since February 2015! The owners, Connie and Nik come from three generations of fashion collectors and sell the most unique, great quality and authentic pieces. Initially the shop was opened out of neccesity, however, both Connie and Nik have turned their passion for collecting fashion and accessories into a successful business. The Oscar winning 2017 film, Shape of Water used pieces from VintageSoulGeek in the film, as well as, British costume designer, Ruth Meyers was flown out to shop at their Hamilton store.

Brand Aesthetic and Colors: Nik and Connie do not follow a specific color scheme in the store, instead they welcome all vibrant and loud colors. When it comes time to decide what pieces to sell, the seasons dictate the colors they look to and the type of clothing they sell. Since they work with film/television/theatre they are able to carry a multitude of different generational styles. This makes their job fun, exciting and different!

Hamilton Proud: The owners are proud of being part of Hamilton’s resurgence, and the massive changes taking place amongst the rise up of independent shops. They also love that Hamilton is a gritty city, welcoming people from all walks of life.


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