Nix offers businesses a safe way to bring in business

Press Release – Colour Matching Tool Offers Industries Safe Way to Bring in Business

Hamilton, Ontario – As people around the world are self-isolating and working from home, Canadian-based tech company, Nix Sensor Ltd., has developed tools and solutions to make the home a place where people want to be, not just where they have to be; and all while helping its partners across every industry.

Chip (, Nix’s new free app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play in North America. Similar to the free Nix Paints app (available worldwide), Chip empowers users to virtually visit the paint department. It offers fan decks from top paint brands, plus it consults on colour, provides curated palettes for inspiration, and enables you to get a non-committal, hassle-free paint quote right in the app.

“Even though we ourselves are working from home, we’re actively working with all of our partners to better their workflows and drive business to their business,” explains Matthew Sheridan, CEO and founder of Nix Sensor. “One industry that we work closely with is the paint industry. In the current climate, we’ve found that people have time to refresh where they live and are looking for home-based activities, so our team has developed a way to make that happen. With Chip, homeowners now have a full-service tool that gets the project done without leaving their home.”

In addition to bringing in paint orders, Nix Sensor and their apps can support staffing shortages that stores may be experiencing.

“When paired with our colour matching tools, like the Nix Mini, paint stores and departments have a colour consultant in their pocket,” says Sheridan. “This is incredibly helpful for stores who have less staff but still need an eye for colour. We can provide that eye.”

To learn more about Nix Sensor and Chip, visit and, or contact the Nix headquarters directly at 905-581-6363.

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Nix Sensor Ltd. is a Canadian technology company who has developed what has become the world’s leading tools for color measurement. The innovative company provides advanced color measurement and custom color solutions to clients worldwide. Nix Sensor Ltd. helps solve the toughest of color problems by offering professionals an accurate, objective, and cutting-edge solution to the age-old problem of ‘what color is that?’

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