How To Clean And Prep Walls

Get tips for effectively removing dirt, stains and smudges from painted walls without causing streaking or water damage. 

You will need: vaccum with brushhead, old towels or cloth, liquid cleaner or soap and water, medium sized bowls x2, and sponge/cloth/towel

Determine what kind of paint is on the wall (semi-gloss or enamel paint will stand up to washing – flat, stain or eggshell finished are not as durable and may rub off if you scrub too hard or use an abrasive cleaner).

Put the brush attachment on your vacuum and run it over walls to remove surface dust and dirt. Run it from the ceiling to floor in one downward motion to ensure a theoral cleaning.

Use a mild cleaner to remove stains and smudges – use may also use liquid cleaner or soap and water. Wipe it on the wall using a cloth, towel or sponge. Be sure to dry the wall thoroughly with a towel to prevent streaking and water damage.

Start at the top of the wall when cleaning, and work your way down. Wipe the wall with cleaner and then wipe it with just water to rinse. Use two buckets, one for the cleaner and one for water. Be sure to wring out your cloth or sponge after each use.

You are ready to begin repairing small dents, filling holes, or repainting.

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