How to Evenly Apply Paint

Walls are the most obvious, and the most important element of an interior painting project. The proper painting techniques can ensure a quality result. Learn how to DIY paint today:

Begin by taping trim, corners, electrical outlets, etc. (Learn how to)

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Working in a three-by-three area, roll a “W” onto the wall. This will help place an even distribution of paint onto the wall and ensure an even coat. Continue rolling from the top edge of the wall to the bottom, filling in the “W” as you go.

Note: (The wall in this photo had a significant amount of damages and repairs to be made. Due to this, we opted to repaint the wall a new color)

Repeat the “W” process until the entire wall is covered.

PRO TIP: Cover roller and paint tray in saran wrap to keep paint tools fresh in between painting coats (Read now)

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