The Best 30 Tips on How to Mix Colors 

Top view of opened cans of dried up used colorful paints a few with stir sticks and some still closed grouped together in a wooden box with dividers

   Melanie Mavery – Guest Contributor Mixing colors is a fundamental skill for all painters. Otherwise, your work is limited to the primary and secondary colors and pre-mixed alternatives sold in the shops. Moreover, you’ll …

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CADlink Digital Factory v10 and the Nix Pro Color Sensor

CADLink and Nix Pro 2 Color Sensor

Watch how the Digital Factory V10 software from CADlink integrates with Nix Color Sensors to provide fast and accurate color adjustments. For more information on the Digital Factory V10 software visit

How to send scanned colors via email

How to send scanned colors via email Scan surface and discover digital color details with your Nix Mini in the Nix Digital App. Make sure the aperture fully covers your desired surface color. How to send scanned …

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What is an Excellent or Good match

What do the different match types mean? There are three different tiers of paint matches when using the Nix Paints app. Excellent Matches, Good Matches, and Similar Colors. Excellent Matches These are the nearest paint …

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How to cross reference brands

How to cross reference brands from a saved color: Save your paint scans to a project  2. Select the paint color and tap the brand cross-reference button at the bottom of the screen 3. Select …

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