How to Get Paint Out of Clothes

Painting a new room or furniture can be a messy job. Here are six simple tricks to help you remove paint from your clothes and fabrics:

Things to take note of:

Before attempting to remove paint from your clothes or fabrics you must consider a few things. Firstly, consider how fresh the pain stain is. A fresh paint stain can be scraped off and removed with a stain remover. However, dealing with a dry stain may require an alternative method. Secondly, you may also consider the type of paint it is. From there, you may select the stain remover best fit for the job. Here are six methods:

Method #1 Dish Detergent: Water-based/latex/acrylic paint

Use dish detergent as your stain remover – rinse the stained fabric in warm water and dab the stain with a rag soaked with water and a small amount of dish soap. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and scrub out the stain with an old toothbrush and warm water. Repeat the steps until the stain is removed and wash the fabric in cold water.
PRO TIP: Works best if the paint is slightly wet. Ensure that the clothes or fabric is color safe (treatment may cause clothes to run due to the dish soap).

Method #2 Rubbing Alcohol: Latex/acrylic paint

If using dish detergent is not useful try rubbing alcohol. Dampen the stain with warm water and soak a cotton ball or toothbrush in rubbing alcohol to scrub out the stain. Rinse it out with warm water and repeat these steps as needed.
PRO TIP: Once the stain has been treated, wash the fabric to remove the remaining stains and alcohol.

Method #3 Nail Polish Remover: Latex paint

If you do not have rubbing alcohol on hand, try nail polish remover. Soak a rag in the remover and bloat the stain to help loosen the dry paint particles. Wash the fabric once treated.
PRO TIP: Before attempting this method ensure that the fabric does not contain acetate or triacetate (the acetone can damage those fibers).

Method #4 Hairspray: Latex paint

If you have a smaller stain, hairspray may do the trick. Aerosol hairsprays contain alcohol that loosen lingering latex paint. Spray the entire stain and scrub it out with a toothbrush.

Method #5 Hand Sanitizer: Latex paint

Like hairspray, hand sanitizer contains some alcohol that helps loosen up latex paint. Cover the stain in hand sanitizer, scrub it with a toothbrush, and wash it out.
PRO TIP: Try using hairspray and hand sanitizer for an effective stain removal.

Method #6 Duct tape: Dry latex paint

This method works best on dry latex paint. Loosen up the paint by scraping it with a butter knife or toothbrush. Then duct tape a small piece to the stain to lift off as much paint as possible. Press the tape firmly onto the surface and remove it.

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