Nix QC Support

Nix QC User Manual

The User Manual contains information on the Nix Quality Control Color Sensor and the Nix QC App. This includes information on device specifications, warranty, general usage, app features, and more.


Recertification for your Nix QC is recommended once per year, or if the Nix QC App indicates that the device calibration falls outside of the factory settings.


If you’re using the Nix QC for liquids, powders, gels, or soft and textured surfaces, your device will require an adapter. Learn more about the available adapters you can use with the your device.

Nix QC App

The Nix QC hardware requires the installation of the Nix QC App, compatible with Android and iOS (also works with the Nix Paints, Nix Digital, and Nix Pro Color Sensor Apps).


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